Croatia Lotto Games, All You Need To Know – Croatia Lotto 7/39 and Eurojackpot

The games of chance, such as the national lottery from every country in the world, come to pose to each of the active participants a unique opportunity to obtain large amounts of money in an easy, safe and simple way which promises to completely change their life styles. It is for this reason that today, we will be talking about what you need to know about the lottery games of Croatia.

The EuroJackPot is one of the largest and most popular lotteries that are played in 18 countries of Europe. This lottery is drawn every Friday of every week and has a prize that exceeds more than 90 million euros. One of the main features of this lottery is that it is the only one in the world that offers 12 levels full of amazing prizes and a guaranteed prize pool of more than 10 million euros in each of the drawings.

The form of EuroJackPot game:

  1. Players have the opportunity to select 5 main numbers within a matrix that goes from 1 to 50 Euro and the two numbers ranging from 1 to 10. It is worth mentioning that the numbers 000 do not have a separate ball machine, so it is quite possible that the player has the same number of main and the number of Euro.
  2. Once you have selected the numbers of good luck, each of the players online must make the respective payment of each lottery ticket. The draw will take place on Friday of each week at 20:00 h.
  3. If the player matches the 5 main numbers and 2 numbers, then was crowned as the winner of the major prize that surpasses the 90 million euros.
  4. It can be said that the players begin to earn from the moment they begin to match the first 3 numbers.

Anyone can be the absolute winner of one of the 12 awards of the EuroJackPot lottery of Croatia it is an almost palpable. This lottery has a very simple and easy to play:

Select the 5 main numbers in a table of numbers ranging from 1 to 50. Then you select the 2 Euro numbers in the table of number from 1 to 10.

  • The boat is 10 million euros.
  • The maximum jackpot is of 90 million euros.
  • Odds to win the maximum jackpot is 1 in 95,344,200
  • drawings are held on Fridays at 20:00 h.

In the event that there is not a single winner of the grand prize in a lottery, then the amount of the jackpot is automatically transferred to the next drawing. It is important to note that this jackpot is not duplicated, or multiplies in the event that no one will win, as it has a maximum amount of money of 90 million euros. So, it remains at this level until a lucky player and win.

In the event there is an excess of funds in the maximum jackpot, then it is distributed at the next higher level of awards winners, this level is known as the “Level Match 5+1”. This is a very good lottery that is definitely catching the attention of many individuals.

Croatia Lotto 7/39

One of the most popular lotteries of Croatia is the Lotto 7/39. The system that is used to play the national lottery is very simple and consists in the following:

  1. Each of the players you must select 7 lucky numbers in each block of a matrix that goes from 1 to 39 in a different order.
  2. These numbers make up a simple bet.
  3. The maximum number of simple bets in one lottery ticket is 8.
  4. Once you select your lucky numbers, proceed to make the payment online or at the ticket window.

There are 3 options of tournaments and schedules in which each player from different countries can participate:

  • Monday: players can play Thursday after the draw antes on Monday.
  • Draw on Thursday: Players can participate after the Monday prior to the holding of the draw on Thursday.
  • The draws on Thursday and Monday: all players can participate in both draws on the preceding Monday and Thursday before the draw. This means that you as a player you can double your bets and play in both contests.
  • These drawings are held every Monday and Thursday at 21:15 local time.

The players have two types of games:

  1. Simple Mode: each one of the participants can play a bet, this is to select 7 numbers in a table of numbers ranging from 1 to 39.
  2. Multi-modality: Players will be able to perform multiple bets which will increase the chances of winning the jackpot or other categories. To perform these multiple bets, each of the players should be marked in the check box specifies the multiple bets you want to play.

For example:

  • 8 betting=8 numbers dialed.
  • Betting 33=6 numbers marked on the 1st block.
  • Betting 36=9 numbers marked on the 1st block.
  • 120 betting=10 numbers marked on the 1st block.

Where can I play the lotto 7/39 of Croatia?

You can buy lottery tickets through an official seller or players can play through the network of online sellers of your preference. This is one of the best things because it makes the lottery extremely accesible and this is the kind of thing that makes this such a highly popular game of chance that millions love to play.

It is very important to note that, these and many other lotteries where in the world you can play online no matter who you are or you are not a citizen or resident of the country where you are. This without a doubt opens the doors to millions of players from lotus that put all their hopes in each lottery ticket purchasing with the dream of being able to be crowned as the highest winners of millionaire amounts of money, which offered a radical change of life.

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