Oz Lotto Results for Saturday 3rd June 2017

For those who played this draw, the Oz Lotto results were announced, and people should scan their tickets to see if they won something for themselves. The draw had a jackpot of £1,744,850.0 but unfortunately, no any single ticket matched the six Oz Lotto Numbers. There are over 20, 000 winners on this draw so you could be among them if you matched some numbers. The jackpot will keep shooting up, and it is expected to rise on the next draw making it to be more lucrative than before. The winning numbers were 8, 10, 22, 31, 36, 37 and a bonus number of 43.

Division 1 to Division 4 Winners

On Division one, there was no single winner which means no one matched the six numbers. The £1,744,850.0 jackpot remained there since no one won it. On Division 2, there was only one lucky winner who matched the five numbers plus a bonus number. The winner on 2nd Division was awarded £195,857.67 which is a good amount. The third Division winner matched five numbers but without a bonus number. There were 23 winners on this category, and each won £1,443.86. On Division 4, people matched four numbers plus a bonus number on top. There were 44 Oz Lotto Winners on this division, and they were rewarded £190.19 each. These were the Oz Lotto Results of the top winners that were displayed on the screens when the results were being announced.

Division 5 to Division 8 Winners

The 5th Division had 136 winners who matched four numbers but without any bonus number. They were each given £47.98. On the 6th Division, people matched three numbers and a bonus number on top. They were each given £27.05 and they were 1329 in number. The 7th Division had 20,257x who matched three numbers but without a bonus. They were each given £7.85. The 8th and Last Division had 12,442 winners and they were each rewarded £2.62.

It Is Hard to Miss a Prize on Oz Lotto

Looking at the number of Oz Lotto Winners in every division, it indicates that winning is not hard. Out of the over 30, 000 people who won, it is very hard for one to be locked out. Many people get discouraged when they don’t win the jackpot. That is okay but do you know that winning the on the top three divisions every week can make your pocket more than the jackpot after some few months? All you need to do is to ensure that you choose your numbers appropriately or increase the number of your tickets so that you stand high chances of winning a prize.

Oz Lotto Winners are advised to scan their tickets and confirm their winnings before claiming their prizes. Recently, there has been a discrepancy in which people who win don’t claim their prizes. The Irish lotto authorities have advised people to take the game seriously because once a reward has gone overdue; it will be added back to the prize pool for people to compete for. Even people who win the 1st and 2nd division tend to forget to claim their rewards.

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